Linear controller module (Din Rail mount) Chipset 2
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Linear controller module (DIN-rail mount) Chipset 2


 The DIN-rail mount linear controller Chipset 2 module is been used for lineasr controllers of small scale or economy sustems. The modules allows the user to operate up to 70 MSL opto-semi-conductor modules. the capacity of the controller module may be extended to operate more modules with a slave module, the DIN-rail mount module is been used in controllers build from 09/2013. The first generationcan be upgraded with the DIN-rail mount controller module, with the sam features but easier installation handling.

  • Item #: 25.520.042
  • Manufacturer: MSL Maxtron
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 25.520.042
  • Condition: New

Linear controller module (Din Rail mount) Chipset 2

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