MSL Addresser MA1, making it possible to address yourself
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The MSL addresser enables the customer/ operator to program each light module on their own. No more counting necessary, the maintanance crew is able to address each light right at the spot. in addition it saves money US$1 per module. Start addressing the light modules by yourself tomorrow.

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The MSL adressing unit (MA1) is useful tool, to address all Chipset one and Chipset two opto semi conductor modules. The unit is light weight (1 lbs) and small enough to carry to the jobsite. It works of 110/ 120 Volt and 220/ 240 Volt. The module addresses can be easy chosen by a rotary dial and programmed into the light module. Each Maxtron module can be reprogrammed as many times as desired.

Manual is dowloadable from our website


  • Item #: 26.110.001
  • Manufacturer: MSL Maxtron
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 26.110.001
  • Condition: New

MSL Addresser MA1, making it possible to address yourself

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