Light fixture bracket "D"
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Light bar bracket D, for 55mm x 30mm chanel

This bracket is for use on any 55 mm x 30 mm light channel except on chanel with 48G Modules

Bracket is for the support of the center

Part Number: 26.100.007

Material: Stainless Steel, 308

Thickness: 1.5mm

Channel Type 55mm x 30mm (part # 26.000.050)

These brackets are used on Chance Giant Wheel, Chance Century Wheel and Mulligan Wheel.

Production date December 2009 to April 2012.

Rivets and bolts not included in package.

  • Item #: 26.100.007
  • Manufacturer: MSL Maxtron
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 26.100.007
  • Condition: New

MSL Light Fixture Mounting Bracket D

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