MSL XS150w RGB, spot light
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MSL XS 150 Multi-Color (RGB) spot light

The MSL XS series 150 Watt Multi-Color Spot Lights can add aesthetic and functional benefits to any dark area. These Spot 
Light’s highlight architectural features of any building, structure or any community area. The illumination makes any building or 
structure stand out. These lights are programmable through the Controller.
The lighting systems come with 3 different lenses for 3 different beam angles. This gives you greater versatility in adapting the 
XS Spot Lights to any situation or event. Also, the excellent reliability of these lights are due to the fact they’re cooled with a
Passive Heat Sink system that has no moving parts.

*All XS Multi Color Spot Lights require a Controller
*All XS Multi Color Spot Lights do NOT include an AC to DC power supply


• The XS series Spot Light can be combined with any MSL show light system
• The light features 96 Osram Opto semiconductors (1 watt LED’s).
• The XS150 Multi Color is designed to operate without any additional or integrated exhaust fans, which eliminates the
cleaning maintenance of the light fixture.
• The light is made with anodized aluminum
• The MSL XS150 Multi Color Spot Light is equipped with 4 MSL XS 24W modules.
• These lights are programmable through the Controller.

What’s included?

• The fixture does not include an AC to DC power supply.
• Comes with a stainless steel mounting bracket.
• Additional controller required
• 1.5M lead wire included (5')
• This fixture comes with 15°, 40° and 90° lenses.
  • Item #: 21.525.611
  • Manufacturer: MSL Maxtron
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 21.252.611
  • Condition: New

MSL XS150 Multi-Color (RGB) Spot Light

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