Spare part MSL OSCM GWS48
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The MSL GWS48 Module with EZ connector is used as spare part for MSL lighting systems.


Module is available in 3 different chipset as of January 2014. If you have any concern about which chipset is currently used at your application, feel free to contact our spare part department, please have serial number of the package ready, thank you


Part number #: 21.007.385 (chipset A 85)



Resin cast module for water proof applications.

This Light Module is used on Ferris Wheel lighting, Wave Swinger and Column lighting.

Please make sure to have the correct address number on hand when placing the order.

(The correct module address will be found at the ID label on the rear side of the Module.)


Information on connection types please click here

 for more information please email us


  • Item #: 21.052.450
  • Manufacturer: MSL Maxtron
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 21.052.450
  • Condition: New

Spare part MSL OSCM GWS48

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